• 1Russian Painting: Portraiture (1991)
    I was from delight in the perfection of man and the beauty of the surrounding world and the desire to capture it on canvas that portraiture was born. The solidity and clarity of Rembrandt's… 90 руб

  • 2Roger Vivier (2013)
    A gorgeous tribute to the legendary shoe and accessories designs of Roger Vivier. Master designer Roger Vivier elevated both the form and decoration of ladies shoes during his sixty-year career. His… 4864 руб

  • 3Greek and Roman Mosaics , Umberto Pappalardo, Rosaria Ciardiello (2012)
    Mosaic has been called "painting for eternity", and it is in fact one of the few arts of antiquity to survive in something like its original condition and variety. Mosaic pavements with geometric and… 11090 руб

  • 4As Seen on TV - The Visual Culture of Everyday Life in the 1950s , Karal Ann Marling (1996)
    America in the 1950s: the world was not so much a stage as a setpiece for TV, the new national phenomenon. It was a time when how things looked - and how we looked - mattered, a decade of design that… 713.1 руб

  • 5Sukhoi Su-24 , Ефим Гордон (2003)
    As the need arose to replace the Yakovlev Yak-28 Brewer making up the backbone of the Soviet Air Force's tactical bomber fleet since 1960, the Sukhoi Design Bureau began development of a twinjet… 363 руб

  • 6Total Design. Architecture and Interiors of Iconic Modern Houses , George H. Marcus (2014)
    Celebrating the ultimate masterpieces of modernist design, from the Arts and Crafts movement up to the twenty-first century, Total Design offers an intimate tour of houses conceived as complete works… 3111 руб

  • 7Watches International XVI (2015)
    One would have been hard pressed, upon the invention of the first sundial, to imagine that the artistry of the measure of time would one day surpass by leaps and bounds the importance of the very… 4029 руб

  • 8The Art of Contemporary Interiors (2009)
    In this publication, over 20 renowned architects and interior designers expose their visions of contemporary residence. These projects are extremely varied in terms of departure point as well as… 1500 руб

  • 9Efficient Numerical Methods for Non-Local Operators , Borm Steffen (2010)
    Hierarchical matrices present an efficient way of treating dense matrices that arise in the context of integral equations, elliptic partial differential equations, and control theory. While a dense… 7921 руб

  • 10Vets Might Fly , James Herriot (2006)
    'There are funny cases, sad cases, farm animals and pets, downright farmers, ladies of refinement, hard-bitten NCOs and, of course, the immortal Siegfried and Tristan Sunday Times. 'Another winner… 739 руб